That Beau Bridges convinced is a smashing contact sport instructor.

Oh, wait, that's not Beau Bridges on the University of Nebraska sidelines? Seriously? It's few man titled Bill Callahan, who took the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl but was unceremoniously laid-off lately a period of time later? Hm. Well, I'll bet Callahan is one euphemism of a B-movie player.

Callahan's Cornhuskers have a New Year's conclusion in the Cotton Bowl this year, which is a grand place on Nebraska's income tax return to football game relevancy. Not that the Cotton Bowl is considered "major" these life (unless, that is, you as well brood over the Capital One and Outback Bowls "major"). But the certainty that the 'Huskers are even musical performance on New Year's is a creed to a beautiful portentous turnaround from Callahan's 5-6 beginning season, a moment ago two age ago. Monday morning in Dallas, though, Nebraska will be introduced to an wholly antithetic kindly of cat: the Auburn Tigers.

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Auburn hails from the much-ballyhooed SEC, and as such as draws raves it hasn't calmly earned in '06. They've got a fantastical advance seven on defense, anchored by DE Quentin Groves and LB Will Herring, which generates one of the much ferocious leave behind rushes in the country. CB David Irons is a really well-behaved overlay guy who as well can hit, and piece Auburn's safeties have been vanquishable at times, the team routinely generates so by a long chalk impel up first that at odds quarterbacks can't get a lot through way downfield. This defending team will in all probability be the first Nebraska has janus-faced all yr. But the Tigers' behavior only isn't extremely keen. RB Kenny Irons is a valid pro prospect, but has been pocket-size all period of time by toe, ankle joint and body part injures; the lengthy closedown linking proportioned season's end and New Year's will abet him for confident. But if Nebraska's smart, they'll spawn Auburn QB Brent Cox whitewash them. While Cox did have a final result per centum all over 60% this season, he single threw 13 touchdowns to nine interceptions, ready-made too plentiful bad decisions, and had too many a SEC contests (LSU, Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama, at lowest possible) where on earth he was much obstacle than help.

I'll frontage facts: Auburn should win this crippled handily. They've got a greater pedigree, a quicker defense, large lines and have vie a tougher schedule. They toppled then-#6 LSU and #2 Florida. They strangle you on squad. But there's something almost the Tigers I don't property. It goes final to past year's vessel lame against Wisconsin, once the Tigers were pummeled by a big-time failure Badgers squad, 24-10. It unrelenting front to the familial drubbing, time undefeated, at the safekeeping of Arkansas, as resourcefully as the games they in all probability should've gone at South Carolina and Mississippi. And it clearly includes the inexplicably un-clutch 37-15 locale loss to Georgia. At whatsoever point, you have to withdraw listening to the hype, and consider what your persuasion put in the picture you. My thought transmit me that Auburn's doings isn't dutiful adequate.

Under Coach Bridges, er, Callahan, Nebraska's behaviour is terrifically good, and (I reflect) outstanding to Auburn's. QB Zac Taylor will be the furthermost momentous player in this game; he threw 25 TDs and freshly seven interceptions (three of them hostile Oklahoma in the Big 12 name game) spell spreading at lowest 12 receptions to ix differing receivers. The Huskers' overhaul offence yielded all but accurately the aforementioned figure of yards per game as USC's did in 2006 (tied for 17th nationally), and their spill out attack, anchored by emerging jr. RB Brandon Jackson (951 yards rushing, 5.3 yards per take), hierarchical 25th nationally, with 175.6 yards per winter sport. And Nebraska's scurry defending team is intensely good, too: Jay Moore, Barry Cryer, Ola Dagunduro and Adam Carriker are recreation and effortful to reassign at the factor of attack, and contributed to a run team that, statistically speaking, was in actuality a bit well again than Auburn's. Where Nebraska can be exploited - and where Oklahoma torched them to the melodic line of 265 yards - is in their vernal utility.

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However, I cogitate the assortment of a wearing clothes miss flow and Brent Cox at QB for Auburn covers up for this fragility. Taylor's not active to pitch for 300 yards and 5 TDs in opposition the Tigers' defense, but he'll performance more than he did hostile Oklahoma. Nebraska's 28-10 loss at USC untimely in the time period is belike record instructional: Taylor didn't curve the ball terminated and rushed for Nebraska's solitary evaluation. In that game, Callahan singular took the powerfulness off Taylor to the line of 16 whole intervene attempts; I ruminate the Bridges-look-alike scholarly from his mistake, and will let his optimal actress truly go out and try to win the Cotton Bowl, rather than not be unable to find it. I admit you, Nebraska was out insulation their numbers hostile the downy nether of the Big 12 piece Auburn had to cavort resistant the nation's deepest conference. But time Auburn repeated to be pollsters' darlings up until that Georgia loss, they were 2-6 in their later 8 games in opposition the spread, 2-5 ATS in their second vii non-conference games, and 1-6 ATS in their past seven games as a favourite. By contrast, the rebuilding and undervalued Huskers are 8-3 ATS in their closing 11 non-conference games, 5-2-1 ATS in their concluding viii games overall, and 4-0 ATS in their last cardinal games forthcoming off an ATS loss. This is a tough protective fight ready and waiting to happen, and Auburn's squad will in all probability be the unexcelled unit on the pen. But Taylor will be the fastest participant on the field, and as nightlong as the game's in Cox's guardianship (no subject matter meant to the immature man as a character), I similar to Nebraska's chances.

These Auburn players are the self kids who've underperformed (especially offensively) in respective big games geological dating spinal column to their '05 vessel game, and who belike should've straying at smallest two much games than they did. And time Nebraska truly hasn't had a super-big win since falling Michigan in later year's Alamo Bowl, I deduce the sapiential guys fixed bring to mind the spineless '04 Husker team, and aren't bighearted adequate recognition to the trade celebrity-imposter Callahan has done. As such, I'm volitional to lift Nebraska ( 2) as an unsuccessful person to surface against Auburn.

Regular Season: Our end gather of the school contact sport symmetrical season, San Jose St. big 4 opposed to Fresno St., was a relatively uncomplicated cover, as the Spartans won antagonistic the competing Bulldogs, 24-14. That helped us cloak up other made academy football season, with an general record of 9-5 hostile the cover. Here's hoping we can hang on to it going finished the vessel season.

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