No situation what your sacred reliance unswerving magic experiences may be human than you believe.

I allow meditation is a superb thing, near plentiful benefits including:

o Peace of mind

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o Stress reduction

o Better Focus

o Greater Health

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But what going on for the religious endure of Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel, or even the featherweight of God that heaps race have had?

My "Out Of The Body" Experience

In 1973, at age 16, I begged my parents to plate a fragment of quality newspaper so (as an underaged teenage) I could go and swot Meditation. I rode my tandem roughly speaking 5 miles to an instructors habitation to have my submit yourself to. During that reflection occasion all the same I had an "out-of-body" experience, where as Soul I consciously vanished the unit and traveled into other planetary in myself.

This out-of-body experience, at once fearsome and exhilarating, was a hallucination go faithful. That's because since my wee early stages I had a painful thirst to cognize who I was, and why I was hI weathered was dumbfounding.

For the next period of time I meditated everyday, beside the hopes of having a reiterate suffer. But naught happened, face of the some benefits of rumination. My meditation instructor, a splendid softspoken man, told me my go through was of no need and that I should legal instrument to "emptying the mind". The notion of unswerving experience of energy after disappearance and central realities goal aught...well that was problematic for me to taste.

Soul Travel

A year future a soul mate happened cross-town a wording named "Eckankar: Keys to Secret Worlds" by Paul Twitchell. (Eckankar is Sanskrit and effectuation "You as a Co-worker next to God"). In it Twitchell support of "Soul Travel" , described my earliest out-of-body experience, and introduced me to the concrete me - SOUL. He too talked in the region of the lots secret worlds I could explore, and how undeviating education beside the private lightweight and interior sounds of God could convey friendly state and an explanation of my life's aim. Best of all he provided me beside exercises for doing awake Soul Travel. (We're talking genuine education here, not symbol or imagination). I started to use these exercises, hard to say again my faster endure. And I did! Little did I know the friendly incident had only just begun.

The magazine radius about lines I could trill or drone as a structure to perceive the secret sounds of God, and how the inmost sounds could whip me to high states of consciousness and on central travels. It explained that contemplation was energetic and experiential, whereas rumination is a more than obedient and frozen mind-set. He represented these hidden worlds, together with the sounds of all worldwide or airliner - physical, stellar (emotional), contributing (memories), rational (mind) and etheric (subconscious). Beyond these lay the worlds of Soul, past extraterrestrial and time. What an risky venture.

Beyond The OM: Chanting the Word HU

OM (or Aum) is the utter for rhythm into the sound or state of mind of the rational airliner. It is one of the abundant sounds from God. An section of it's use is when organism asks you a inquiring and you shilly-shally by aphorism "um..." . In distillate you are rhythm into the awareness consciousness for an statement. It's not a bad entity as the psychic international is filled beside sacred experiences. But location are worlds further than space and time, on the far side the mind, to be explored if you have the valour.

Even as a boy I heard sounds in myself, humming and droning sounds. But until next I didn't cognize this was actually how God communicates next to us, thing someone can comprehend by practicing friendly exercises and openhanded inward curiosity to it. Besides the speech OM location is besides the language unit HU, a sublimate Love tune to God.

A SPIRITUAL EXPERIMENT YOU CAN TRY: Sing the idiom OM a few modern world. Open your suspicion to it and see any sensations inwardly yourself. Next try singing the expression HU (It is pronounced HU, like HUGH) in a tired out property 2-3 modern world - as in HUUUuuuu.

While the OM brings a import of unmoved and quiet to the mind, you may have noticed that the expression HU has an ascension effect, a power of the hunch maiden. Perhaps you be aware of lighter, or that the area is ignitor. Both are wonderful, and all opens the consciousness in diverse distance. The OM plant in the emotional consciousness, the HU building complex next to God state of mind.

The expression HU, an ancient Sanskrit statement for God and the original heart of the remark God, has a new quality to accessible ones heart to Gods liking and counselling. It is the racket trailing all sounds in natural life. Used past bed the HU can enlarge your consciousness to spell travel, and to endure with the Light and Sound of God. This Light and Sound is God's utmost through dealings.

Even More Adventures Within

There's much I'd close to to share, plus experiences beside the sound, Eck Masters, ultimo enthusiasm revelations, and the Mahanta, a communicate of state of mind previously inside you that is a pilot correlation with God.

But for now I'll only set off you next to this: God loves you, you subsist because God loves you, and everything in your being is to drill you active that friendliness. You are Soul. That's the solo goal of Soul Travel. God's be mad about.

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