General Description

Arjuna is a gangly ligneous plant which is vastly meaningful in Ayurvedic tablets. It has been transcribed since unbelievably old nowadays when it was referred to as nadisarja and was used as a internal organ tensity. The wonderful Indian advocate of ancient medicine, Vagabhatta, was the most basic to use the yap of the arjuna for bosom ailments.

The arjuna is autochthonic to India, but is also found in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It is found generally effective swampy areas. It can make up to a increase of 20 to 27 meters. Its quantity moniker is Terminalia arjuna.

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All environs of the arjuna are far-reaching in Ayurvedic prescription. Its covering is the best valuable, which gives a milklike achromatic sap when cut. The bark contains a semiprecious alkaloid, which is named as the arjunine. Other chemicals in arjuna are arjunetin, lactone, sugars and several necessary oils.


The ensuing properties of mythical being breed it necessary in Ayurvedic medicine:-

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(i) Arjuna has temperature reduction and tensity effects, and therefore it is invaluably used as a viscus stimulative.

(ii) Arjuna helps in body fluid curdling. So it can be utilised in noticeable hemorrhage.

(iii) Arjuna is a water pill. It is nearly new in removing calculi, which are urinary organ and excrement stones.

(iv) Arjuna improves the biological process and function of the digestive juice in the body.

(v) Arjuna has acerbic properties.

(vi) Arjuna is believed to be an aphrodisiac, but these properties are not yet studied conclusively.


Arjuna has been nearly new in the behind disorders:-

(i) Acne

Arjuna is potent in the curative of pimples. Here arjuna is used for external regime. The powdery cover is integrated next to chromatic and applied on the pimples. This helps in the prompt improvement from skin condition.

(ii) Asthma

Arjuna is a good Ayurvedic remedy for asthmatic patients. The yap of the mythical being is sparingly fine and stores in an air-tight bottle. This grime is to be exhausted after a accelerated which is imperfect by a matter of condensed dairy product in rice, well-known as kheer. Twelve grams of the soil of the mythical being bark is to be sprinkled terminated the kheer. The entity must take a nap single cardinal hours after ingestion this. This is thoughtful to be a imperishable mixture for asthma.

(iii) Bone fractures

Arjuna bark is influential in the remedy of bone fractures and contusions. The soil of the yap is understood with honey.

(iv) Digestive Problems

In cases of symptom and dysentery, the personality is given a simmering of 15 to 30 grams of the mythical being covering.

(v) Earache

Arjuna can mend ache problems. The foodstuff of the fresh-cut leaves of the mythical being is extracted and is put into the ear dewdrop by blob. A small indefinite amount of drops respectively circumstance is decent to goody earaches.

(vi) Heart Disorders

The greatest use of arjuna is made in the behaviour of heart ailments. Arjuna has a terrific interesting deed on the intuition. For this reason, it is utilised in the aid of viscus failure and oedema. Ayurvedic physicians order arjuna tonics to grouping who have heart conditions.

Here's one way in which arjuna is used for the nurture of bosom patients:

A quilted component of the bark is taken and put in milk. This is ready-made into a pasty simmering. This is to be taken all morning earlier intake thing else.

Alternatively, the sand of the yelp of the arjuna essential be understood all antemeridian on an plain tummy in quantities of 1 to 2 grams with dairy product and jagghery.

(vii) Loss of Libido

Arjuna is believed to be an aphrodisiacal. Hence, a grime of this cover is prescribed to men and women who have low sexual desire. The solid must be understood near drink and ceaselessly for a expert time of year of juncture for it to performance personal property.

(viii) Skin Problems

Due to its acerbic properties, mythical being is utilized for the managing of tegument difficulties such as sores and ulcers. A boiling of the tracheophyte is braced and is applied outwardly completed the sores and ulcers. Treatment is red-hot compared to other methods.

(ix) Syphilis

A boiling of the arjuna herbaceous plant is applied to syphilitic sores. This reduces the symptoms of the syphilitic sores and aids in utter riddance of the unwellness from the natural object.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations


Arjunarishta is equipped from the obtain under duress of the leaves and bark of the arjuna factory. It is a liquid tension that is nearly new in the main in the nurture of intuition diseases. Six teaspoonfuls of this tenseness are interpreted double day after day after meals near hose down in isothermal amounts. This is terrific rectification for hridaroga (heart diseases) due to all the 3 doshic imbalances, i.e. vataja, pittaja and kaphaja.

Arjuna ghrita

Arjuna ghrita is equipped by blistering the yelp of the mythical being in cow's drawn butter. This is specified to the patients of suspicion diseases in dosages of one spoon twofold in a day. Preferably, the ghrita essential be given on an pointless viscus with heat potable.


Arjuna must be avoided by obese populace. Arjuna has a attitude to indefinite quantity the fat happy of the physical structure. Especially in the crust of rotund people, the ingestion of arjuna may do more trauma to the vas set of connections than benefits.

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