Everyone knows the guy, the "old university valid property agent". He complainsability all the occurrence firm is bad and the souk is down, thatability is until speaking next to other agent, once unexpectedly the souk is deep and firm has ne'er been better!

Evolution has vanished this soul isolated in 80's profession next to 80's techniquesability and unluckily 80's firm wear. Discussion to one of these "old university valid property agents" is suchlike a bad repeat of a Zig Ziglarability or Lav Theologiser income course, theyability have all the superficial responses, but are wholly wanting the thought of valid property present.

These very those are ready and waiting aboard their place of business windows, ready and waiting for those to watch at wealth woman advertised, to vigorously net any gullible soul who happens to do so, next to - "can i sustain you next to anything?" or "are you superficial at buying?".

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They don't bring in yet thatability their wealth windows are woman displayedability on the net say the worldwide. Associates are photography wealth from their PC or Mac (even PDA and IPOD) to some extent than temporary usual valid property store fronts. No cogitate theyability understand firm is bad.

In fidelity to this remnant of a gone era i have created the valid property agents reassurance.

In years of old,

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when wealth was gold,

and the net was not fancied.

Auctions i am told,

Was how wealth was sold,

and wealth owners grief-stricken.

Vendors were benders,

We can set up lenders,

This an causal agent did verbalize.

Whilst buyers are liars,

We would put out our flyers,

Telling how worthy we are, respectively time period.

Newspaper selling works,

They trade in rebates and perks,

The proprietor did not cognize any well again.

With big spreads off the shelf,

We promoted ourself,

As the merchandiser became a soul.

Now the net looms,

Amidst wealth busts and booms,

It yet won't variety a variation.

I will use the old techniques,

With vindicatory a few tweaks,

My will is my enmity.

I have worked in this industry,

25 time of life is my longevity,

I'll say what of all time i want.

To vend your stately home - wheel the dice,

I can't contract price,

But commissions will fit acquisitiveness.

Now toffee-nosed thespian are appearing,

It's variety of endearing,

But theyability can't negociate suchlike me.

Cause after 25 years,

Extracting wealth for my career,

I'm the world-class theyability can see.

So if you are purchasing or selling,

Land or a dwelling,

I'm the one you hunger.

So unheeding what you read,

I'm the causal agent you need,

Ignore the thousands of dollars you could store.

Don't be whacky i say,

Did you see my ad the some other day,

It shows you vindicatory how untold i have sold-out.

But truly i essential go,

Open homes i have to show,

New buyers who want to be told.

Forget all the rest,

I am the best,

I'm the causal agency from years of old.

You all cognize who i am

I'm the maestro conman

I'm the cause from years of old.

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