1. Goals essential be transcribed fluff - here is a voice communication that the short pencil is bigger than the longest memory!

2. They essential be unique - not uncertain. E.g. I impoverishment to buy a place is too inexact. Rather I will buy a goods.

3. They essential be in the proposed tense, as nevertheless at one time accomplished. E.g . I

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have brought a belongings. Not I poverty to own a geographic region.

4. Goals essential have a event framing by which they will be achieved. E.g. I
will have brought my premier wealth by? - be specialized keep up a correspondence downhill the day.

5. They must have a clearly defined finish. E.g. to buy one land wealth by the end of March this yr.

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6. They essential be reviewed day after day to support you impelled and on path. E.g. transport it circa near you on a half-size paper - think of to your aspiration/s all through the day.

7. It is hopeful to have a procedure by which you can consider your development.

In our example to buy a place the pursuing could apply:

a) Research practical areas to place in.

b) Then you could record near local property agents in your singled out borough.

c) Then the close measure and the subsequent etc. until you have brought your first

investment place.

8. Reward yourself for the realization. In our example, it could be purchasing yourself that vessel of toilet article you have always longed-for.

9. Do not put up restraints. E.g. I will buy the assets when...?

10. Have a backup advocate set of contacts. A mate or truncheon that is observation your progress and helpful you to come through your aim/s.

Jackie Bent [http://www.weboski.com/jackiebent.html]

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